Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Who leads in Your Home?

It is our husbands role to lead and to advise his family.  Do we honestly think we will be happy if we lead?  We must understand that our husbands are always leading, whether we like how it is done or not.  Our job is not to take over his.  He won't step up to leadership if we are always in the way.  We must let him lead.  He is the leader of the home.  He is held accountable to God for all things going on in his home.  It is our job to help him lead.  Lets have a look on how we can help with that..

1. Step out of the way. This means if you have been trying to lead your home you need to admit this (not make excuses), repent (to him and God) and start anew.

2. Don't criticize--but encourage! This is hard for those of us who like to voice our opinions but we 
need to learn self-control and know that when we do this we are building up and protecting our homes from Satan who'd like to see it destroyed.

3. Pray. Nothing is more powerful than prayer. Unleash it and see what God has planned for your life. Pray the Lord will make him a godly, bold and courageous leader and that you would become the help meet needed for that kind of a leader.

4. It is okay to share your personal opinions but don't force it on him. Don't manipulate him. Don't fight his battles for him. Don't make him see things your way and then pretend he is the one leading when you know you are still trying to be in control of the wheel. Be honest.

5. Be content with God's best for you. So many women struggle with submitting and are confused---thinking it is in direct opposition with women's rights. We need to understand that the Lord is the Great Liberator, not feminism. We need to know that ultimate freedom comes first from God's word and not from equality with men or women's rights. True freedom is found in the word of God. Worldly freedom is limited and can come with bondage.

Let us start submitting and remembering God's order. Lord, help us to be better help meets to our husbands and let our hearts be still to hear God's voice in the midst of many.

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