We are a missions minded family, and I would like to use this page to keep you informed of what we are up to in the way of missions.

March 2009-May 2009  Romania

Right now we are attending a Bible College, learning what we can about God's word and missions.  We hope that by the end of 2013 God will have given us an idea of where He would like us to serve Him.

We are told to set our sights for missions abroad and internationally--and we very rightfully should. But mothers, I am calling all of you to look carefully at your homes.

The mission field of the home is an often neglected subject. The topic is vitally crucial because the neglect of the home leads to the demise of a nation. Mothers can get very distracted with the here and now and forget the bigger mission at hand---to share the gospel with their very own children.

"I'll leave that up to their Sunday school to tell them---aren't they the experts?"

It is tragic when parents forsake the precious responsibility given them from the Lord to share with their very own children the very words of life that will save their children from the eternal flames of hell. It is tragic when we don't even think for ourselves but allow the world to dictate how we should live as families. It is tragic that we have set up so many idols in our lives that even if we wanted to share, we are too absorbed and seduced with our 'toys' and responsibilities that we don't bother and say we don't have the time. It is tragic that we uphold the the role of the missionary who travels far away and despise the role of the mother and father who is a missionary in their own home.

It is horribly tragic that when we are too busy at church and doing ministry there and don't have time or care to disciple our own children.

We have become a nation of laziness. Overlooking true needs and fulfilling our own desires. It has permeated our culture and now leaks it ways into the walls of our home. Complacency fills our halls and the children are left neglected. Johnny is running free on the streets and little Suzy is finding her way into all kinds of trouble since she has become part of the wrong crowd.

This is the generation that knew not the Lord.

"And there arose another generation after them, which knew not the Lord" Judges 2:10

But mothers, we need to turn that around.

Have you shared the gospel with your children lately? Have you held up the free gift of salvation and made it readily available for them? Have you showed them He who is the light and the truth and has the ability to change their life and forgive their sin now and forever?

Don't delay--take this day to change that around. Holdfast to the eternal and forsake the temporal. Invest in those precious little faces around you. Mentor them and disciple them, this is your life sacrifice of investing in those most dearest to your heart. Don't leave it for others, but take up this sacred responsibility with zealous joy and fervor. What is more precious than leading your very own child to the Savior? What is more important than seeing their lives changed forever?